Our Leadership

Our Church would not be able to function without a dedicated leadership team. This team is committed to maintaining & developing the Libberton & Quothquan parish community for the worship & glory of God.

Our Minister

George Shand has been minister at Libberton & Quothquan Parish church since 2014. Before that he spent a five year term at Jerusalem.

Our Kirk Session

The Kirk Session is a group of men and women called “elders” who meet regularly to plan the work of our Congregation and to ensure that what we do fits with God’s plan and our faith.

The Kirk Session has oversight of the whole life and service of the Church within the Parish. Its spiritual responsibility involves “leadership, nurturing the spirituality of the congregation and its members, caring for the spiritual welfare of the parish and parishioners, encouraging members to participate in the worship and life of the congregation, and promoting mission and evangelism in the parish.”

The duties of each elder include the pastoral care of a district. The special gifts of each elder are also used and might include for example education, buildings & grounds, finance or any of the areas of work a Kirk Session identifies.

A minister of a charge is a member of the Kirk Session as its Moderator and normally presides at meetings of the Kirk Session.