So, you are thinking about getting married … congratulations!

We are delighted that you are choosing to be married, and that you are looking to find out more about what it means to be married in a church. We hope the information you find here will be useful as you continue to grow in love and commitment to one another.

We believe marriage should be a thing of beauty, blessed by God and fulfilling to both you and your partner. It is important not to rush into marriage and to think carefully about the promises that you will make to each other. Remember that the wedding day, no matter how big and exciting, is not nearly as important as what follows - your married life together. In the Church we believe marriage to be a binding commitment for the rest of your life and we encourage everyone to set out on their marriage plans with this firmly in mind.

Who can be married in Libberton & Quothquan Parish Church?

The short and answer is ANYONE! But please take time to read the long answer!!! Anyone who lives within the bounds of our parish may be married in our churches, by our minister. If you are resident outwith our parish but have a connection with the church, the minister may also agree to conduct your wedding. Every square inch of Scotland is served by a Parish Church, and it may be appropriate for you to ask the minister of your own parish first. Even people from outwith Scotland could have their wedding service within our church.

If you are unsure or would like to check about whether you could be married in one of our church, please contact Rev George Shand (see “Find & Contact Us” tab).

What about the legal side of marriage?

In Scotland, all couples must lodge wedding notices with a local registrar. Couples should visit the registrar around 3 months before the wedding is due to take place (a shorter time may be allowed by arrangement with the registrar. You should direct any legal queries to the registrar at the local council offices, South Vennel in Lanark.

What's the difference between a religious and a civil ceremony?

We believe that being married by Christian minister, in a Church that you are making promises not only to each other and your witnesses (as you would in a registry office) but also before God. The minister also asks God to bless the wedding couple during the service and prays that God will be with them throughout their married life.

Can the minister marry us somewhere other than the church?

We believe that the natural place for you to have a religious wedding ceremony is in our church. The Church of Scotland allows ministers to marry outwith the church building but it is up to each individual minister to decide whether this is appropriate or not. Our minister would be happy to discuss all possibilities with a couple looking to be married.

How much does it cost to be married in Libberton & Quothquan Parish Church?

Normally a couple would pay for the service of the church officer, the organist and the use of the church (to cover heating and lighting). Please note that the charges you pay for your wedding are those in place on the day of your wedding, not the day you booked your wedding.

Please contact us to talk about your future marriage as soon as possible. As the minister can be very busy with weddings and have some booked three years in advance it is important that you speak to him regarding dates, preferably before you book the hotel. This will only take a quick phone call or email and may save you an issue at a later stage if the minister cannot perform your wedding on the day you have booked with the hotel. We aim to be as helpful and as flexible as possible ... we just ask that you speak to us at the very start of your process.