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Where are we?

Our Church is located in Libberton, South Lanarkshire and is approximately 35 miles south-east of Glasgow & 30 miles south-west of Edinburgh. We can be found roughly mid-way between the towns of Lanark & Biggar. Libberton is a small village and we only have one Church, so we reckon that you’ll have no problem finding it! A tip - the church is at the highest point in the village!

Map courtesy of Memory-Map.

Contact us

During our search for a new Minister, pastoral duties are being picked up by our Interim Moderator Elijah Obinna who can be contacted at:-

Tel: 01555 752 389


Alternatively you can contact our Session Clerk, Paul Dobie:-

Tel: 01899 308 248

Our other office bearers are:-

Treasurer: Mr Melvyn Stobo.

Elders: Mr John Austin; Mr David Brown; Mr Murray Brown; Mr Thomas Brown; Dr Paul Dobie; Mr Adam Foster; Mr David Hodgson; Mrs Grace Parton.

The website administrator can be contacted at: